Don’t Let Roaches Ruin Your Winter

When the temperatures drop outside, you want to be as snug as a bug in your home. Of course, that’s just a figure of speech – you don’t really want bugs to be comfortable in your home at all! Unfortunately, insects are looking for warm places to nest this time of year, especially cockroaches. To avoid attracting these pests to your home, follow this advice from the roach exterminator at Corder Pest Control.

Don’t freeze up when you need to clear out

Should you spy cockroaches creeping and crawling around your home, don’t wait to call a roach exterminator. While you may only see one or two cockroaches roaming around, there could be a large colony hiding out of sight. An exterminator will clear them out before they start causing problems.

Avoid getting sabotaged by left-out food

It’s hard when time is tight, but try your best not to leave food lying out and about in your home. Trash needs to be regularly attended to as well. Ignoring these items is the same as putting out a welcome mat for cockroaches to come into your home this winter.

Don’t put a routine exterminator checkup on ice

A one-and-done roach exterminator visit helps you when there’s a pest control crisis. But it’s better to schedule routine checkups to make sure you’re doing all you can for cockroach control.

Give cockroaches the cold shoulder this winter. Call Corder Pest Control whenever you need help in the Columbia, Lexington, and Batesburg-Leesville, SC areas.

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