How to Keep Ladybugs Out of Your Home

Ladybugs are cute little insects that are a real benefit to our outdoor environment. While finding one or two indoors isn’t a big deal, an infestation of hundreds is a different story. How can you stop this from happening in your home? Corder Pest Control has a few suggestions to help you do just that.

Step 1: Apply scent repellents

Ladybugs produce a powerful and attractive scent that draws in other ladybugs. Your first mission is to break up those scents. Add cloves and bay leaves to small cotton bags and place them around your home, especially in areas where you see groups of the insects. Lighting citronella candles or spraying citrus oil in the air also helps. Ladybugs don’t like these scents and will avoid areas that contain these smells.

Step 2: Add mums to your landscape

Mums are great fall flowers. Adding them around your entryways and windows will repel ladybugs.

Step 3: Spy a few? Call the exterminator

If you notice a few ladybugs inside your home, consider contacting a pest control company for help. Ladybug infestations can grow rapidly thanks to their highly potent scent glands.

If ladybugs are taking over your home, let an exterminator help you remove them and keep them out for good. Call Corder Pest Control for help today.

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