Keep Pests Out of Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are a special time, a chance for you to make memories with family and friends. It’s not a time to battle an infestation of bugs in your home. Pests can spoil any holiday gathering faster than you can say “bah humbug!” If you notice bugs in your home around the holidays, don’t wait to call a pest control service. Here are a few reasons why Corder Pest Control thinks this is so important.

Reason 1: Give termites the cold shoulder

Termites like winter – that is, they’d like to spend it inside your home. These pests can destroy the structure of your home, causing major damage. Don’t let them settle in for the holidays; call an exterminator to inspect your property as soon as you suspect a problem.

Reason 2: Don’t let mice trick you

Don’t let those cute whiskers fool you! Mice and other rodents are a serious problem, especially during the holidays. Cold temperatures combined with an abundance of food make your home very attractive to these critters. When you see one mouse, always assume that there are more. Call a pest control service to take care of the problem quickly.

Reason 3: Keep cockroaches from settling in

The weather outside drives cockroaches indoors. Food crumbs and warm houses are a lure for these insects. Don’t skip over a holiday deep clean and keep roaches out where they belong.

Don’t let pests spoil your winter festivities. Contact Corder Pest Control for holiday pest control service.

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