Why Should You Choose a Quarterly Pest Control Service?

It’s never fun when you have to call the exterminator. When you discover an invasion of ants, ladybugs, or other pests, you have to take action quickly. But what if there was a way to help keep bugs out of your Lexington, SC area home in the first place? This is why many homeowners choose to use a quarterly pest control service.

A pest control service contract means that an exterminator is in your home on a routine basis throughout the year. They’ll go through your home and look for signs of any infestation. They’ll also ask if you’ve noticed an increase in pests in and around your home. Then they’ll spray around the interior and exterior perimeters to create a barrier that will stop bugs in their tracks.

Some exterminators offer service contracts in varying lengths. Even if it’s not a quarterly visit, a monthly or bi-monthly inspection can be just as beneficial. Your best bet is to talk to a pest control technician and determine the right plan for you and your home.

To learn more about pest control service contracts in Lexington, Batesburg, Leesville, Columbia, and surrounding areas of South Carolina, call Corder Pest Control. We offer fast service and affordable pricing. Let us help you keep your home free from bugs!

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