How Safe Are Your Exterminator’s Chemicals?

When you have an infestation of bugs in your home, your best bet is always to call a professional pest control service to help you. But while your exterminator will often guarantee a pest-free home, many people wonder about what the chemicals used actually do. Are they safe for the environment? Are they safe for your family? Corder Pest Control wants to help you work through your questions and concerns. Here are some facts from our pest, termite, and mosquito control exterminators.

Are pesticides dangerous?

Any pesticide can be dangerous if it’s not applied properly. Certain ones are more dangerous for humans, while others may be more harmful for pets and pollinators. There are, however, certified safe pesticides on the market.

How do I know if my exterminator uses safe chemicals?

The best thing to do is ask. Our exterminators will be glad to explain. For instance, we use odor-free, safe chemical solutions for our mosquito control services. If a pest control service hesitates to share this information, it’s probably better to call somewhere else.

Should I just buy bug spray at the store?

These pesticides may help with minor bug problems at your home but they won’t attack the source of the problem. And just like any other chemicals, they can cause harm if not used properly. Get a real, long-lasting solution by calling a professional exterminator.

Contact a pest control business that values your safety and well-being. Call Corder Pest Control today!

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