Do You Have Squirrels in Your Attic? Look for These Signs

Squirrels can be cute but an invasion of them in your home is not. Squirrels belong outside, not in your house – and especially not in your attic. Other than seeing one of these animals, what are the signs that they may be in your home? Corder Pest Control’s exterminators are here to help. Look for the following indicators that you may have this problem.

Spotting nests near your home

Have you noticed a squirrel nest close to your house? Be wary since squirrels will often have multiple nests nearby. Close nests mean easy access to your home.

Seeing more squirrels than normal

Seeing a spike in the squirrel population around your home should also be a sign of concern. The more of them there are, the greater the chances that they’ll try to nest in your house.

Noticing household damage

Do you have unexplained household damage like holes, soffit damage, chewed wires, or insulation problems? This is one of the biggest red flags for a squirrel problem.

Hearing odd, strange sounds

Scratching, rustling, and chewing sounds aren’t normal inside your home. It’s likely that you have a squirrel or other animal inside.

Smelling foul odors or finding droppings

If you notice any droppings or foul odors in your home, you’ve got a problem. Whether this is caused by squirrels or another animal, you’ll need help from an exterminator.

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