What Are Palmetto Bugs?

If you live in our part of South Carolina, you’ve no doubt run into a palmetto bug or two. They may be named for our state tree, but they are far from beloved. Before you call for pest control near you, get the facts on these bugs from Corder Pest Control.

What are palmetto bugs?

Palmetto bugs are a more pleasant name for a type of cockroach. Regardless of what you call them, these pests are not welcome in anyone’s home. They tend to be larger than the roaches you typically think of. They’re also darker in color than the average household roach.

Are they able to fly?

They can, but only for short distances. They can move fast, though, so keep an eye on your doors and windows as you come and go at night.

Where do they tend to nest?

Palmetto bugs like to live in humid areas, meaning they’re drawn to crawlspaces, kitchens, attics, and bathrooms. They’re also out and about during the hot and humid weather we have for a large portion of the year.

When you need pest control near you for palmetto bugs or anything else, call Corder Pest Control.

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