What’s Included in a Rodent Treatment?

Looking to get rid of the rats and rodents in your home? If store-bought remedies don’t seem to be working (and in many cases, they don’t), a rodent exterminator can save the day. But just like with any service you hire, it’s important that you know what you’re getting in return. In the fall and winter months, rodents tend to become more active, looking for ways to get warm and cozy inside your home. Check out Corder Pest Control’s quick overview of what’s included in a rodent treatment.


First, a rodent exterminator will check your home to confirm that rodents are the problem. If not, they’ll suggest other treatments for your pest infestation. During this initial inspection, an exterminator will check all the nooks and crannies inside and outside your home for signs of rodents. If they find evidence, the next step is to take action.

Setting up protective kits

Good rodent exterminators will help you protect important areas of your home before they start treating the area. They will be sure to lay out traps and kits that will only harm the rodents, not your children, pets, furniture, or your home.

Baiting and spraying

Finally, the exterminator will begin to lay out bait traps to entice the rodents. If the infestation is small, sometimes a few bait traps will be all you need to solve the problem. An exterminator will know how to best lay out these traps for good results. If the infestation is large, a rodenticide will be applied.

If you need a rodent exterminator, give Corder Pest Control a call. Let us help you put an end to the rat race at your home!

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