4 Common Winter Pests in South Carolina

With winter’s arrival, it’s time for you to bundle up and stay cozy inside your home. However, there are pests out there that have the same idea! As the temperatures drop, it’s a sure bet that more of these creatures will try to get in your house. As one of the top pest control services in Lexington, Columbia, Newberry, and the Midlands, Corder Pest Control wants you to watch out for these winter pests that are common in South Carolina:

  1. Rodents – Rats and mice run rampant during the winter. These rodents can cause serious damage to your home, since they can easily chew through electrical cords, drywall, and more. However, they can also carry serious diseases. Never touch a rat or mouse, and call an exterminator if the problem persists.
  2. Cockroaches – Cockroaches thrive in areas that are warm and that are near food sources and water. In the winter, your home seems to be just the ticket. Clean up crumbs and water spills and keep an eye out for these insects.
  3. Raccoons – Raccoons can cause a big annoyance if they get in your garbage cans – even more so if they get in your crawl space or attic. However, they’re also dangerous. Raccoons are known for carrying rabies. Don’t leave out food (including pet food) near your home since this can attract them.
  4. Brown recluse spiders – These spiders live in warm areas and especially like to build their webs in attics and basements. That means they can easily make their way into your living spaces. The brown recluse is poisonous to humans, so call an exterminator whenever you find one.

If any of these wintertime pests give you trouble this winter, call Corder Pest Control. Request an inspection from one of the most experienced residential pest control services in Lexington and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

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