What Is a CL-100 Termite Inspection?

When you need a termite inspection, you might hear an exterminator mention a CL-100. What is this report and what does it mean? Here’s some information from Corder Pest Control to help you understand this term.

A CL-100 Is Vital for Your Property.

A CL-100 is the term South Carolina exterminators use for a termite inspection. The results of these inspections are included in a South Carolina Wood Infestation Report.

When an exterminator arrives at your home to conduct a CL-100 inspection, several things will happen. They’ll check for visible signs of a termite infestation, look for signs of past infestations, and make note of damaged wood on your property. In addition to checking for termite infestations, an exterminator will often inspect your wood for signs of a certain type of fungi that actively deteriorates wood. They’ll also look for damage to wood that could’ve been caused by other insects, such as carpenter bees.

After the inspection is over, the exterminator will file the report. This report will include extensive information about what they observed during the inspection.

While this process is valuable for any homeowner, it’s required before you buy a home. Often referred to as a termite letter, the CL-100 inspection is one of the required steps that lenders require before you can close on your new home.

Do you need a CL-100 termite inspection in South Carolina? Schedule an appointment with Corder Pest Control today. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home and tackle any termite problems we find.

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