3 Reasons Your Crawl Space Has Moisture Issues

Do you suspect you have a crawl space moisture problem? Although you’ll want to treat the signs of this issue as quickly as possible, you’ll also need to know the source of the water. Without correcting the root cause, these problems will just keep occurring. The crawl space moisture control experts at Corder Pest Control want you to know about three common causes of crawl space dampness:

  1. Ground moisture – Soil is naturally absorbent, meaning it easily soaks up and traps in moisture. If you have dirt in your crawl space, this trapped moisture can be released into the enclosed area. Installing vapor barriers can often fix these ground moisture issues.
  2. Crawl space vents – When air seeps into your crawl space, you can end up with a moisture problem. Humid air contains moisture – and we all know how humid it can get in the South Carolina Midlands! Avoid leaving your vents open for long periods of time, especially during the summer.
  3. Excess water – Standing water will almost always cause a moisture issue. If you see puddles of water in your crawl space, call us. We have dehumidification techniques that will dry up any excessive amounts of water.

For professional crawl space moisture control service, call Corder Pest Control today. Trust us to keep your crawl space clean and dry.

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