Moisture Control

Here in South Carolina, we spend a lot of time talking about rain during our long, hot summers. But in some cases, moisture is not a good thing. For example, too much dampness in your home or crawl space can lead to some pretty big problems. Moisture control is the solution. Here at Corder Pest Control, we have options to keep your home’s foundation clean, dry, and safe.

Why is Excess Moisture a Problem?

If you have a crawl space, that means beams that support the foundation of your home are exposed. When you get a moisture intrusion in this area, this wood is at risk. So what happens when beams are in a damp environment like this? They become vulnerable to brown rot, white rot, and other forms of wood decay fungi.

Termites usually get blamed for wood damage in crawl spaces. However, the culprit is often wood decay fungi. As much as $17 billion in damage can be done annually to homes because of this. Unfortunately, hot and humid conditions like those we experience here only encourage growth of these fungi.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Is the Solution

Adding a moisture barrier to your crawl space is one of the best ways to prevent excess dampness and stop the growth of damaging fungi. It seals off this area to moisture, greatly reducing the chances for wood decay. It also offers an extra measure of pest control by closing off potential entrances and creating a space that’s unattractive to these unwanted creatures.

Eliminating this dampness also reduces the chances for mold and mildew growth. By keeping the air and ground in your crawl space clean and dry, you’ll be creating a safer, more sanitary foundation for your house. This leads to fresher, cleaner air for the interior of your home. Your family will breathe easier.

If you suspect that you have a moisture control problem, call Corder Pest Control for an inspection. We offer fast service in Batesburg, Leesville, Columbia, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

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