3 Outdoor Pest Control Tips for the Summer

It’s that time of year again – summer is here! It’s a season filled with hot and humid air that’s perfect for outdoor adventures. But it’s also the time of year when many pesky insects are at their worst. How can you keep these bugs from ruining your summer? At Corder Pest Control, we want to help you fight off these pests so you can get back to enjoying your summer. Here are three outdoor South Carolina pest control tips that can help:

  1. Keep outdoor objects outside – Try to leave outdoor furniture, toys, and tools outside, or at least in an outside shed. Bringing in these objects can sometimes can bring in nasty bugs with them.
  2. Watch out for standing water – As we’ve talked about in a prior post, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can carry harmful and deadly diseases.
  3. The importance of landscaping – While you don’t have to call for a professional landscaping service, it is a good idea to keep up a well-maintained yard during the summer. This includes keeping your grass cut and getting rid of weeds. These actions can help you stop an infestation before one starts.

Are bugs bugging you this summer? Give Corder Pest Control a call! We can help you by taking out these pests with our expertise, skill, and strategies for outdoor pest control. You’ll quickly see why we’re a trusted South Carolina pest control service. Let us help you enjoy the outdoors this season.

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