Schedule Your Post-Holiday Pest Control Today!

A pest infestation can ruin your holiday festivities quicker than you can say “bah humbug!” But just because you make it to the new year without a problem doesn’t mean it’s not about to happen. At Corder Pest Control, we believe prevention is the key to a bug-free home. Here are several reasons why you should call a pest inspection service in Lexington, SC to check your home after the holidays are over:

  • Sugar lures insects and rodents – Candy and other sugary holiday treats act just like pest bait. As you’re enjoying the festivities, be sure to store treats properly. Then call a pest control company in Lexington, SC to inspect your home.
  • Children spread food debris – The kids in your home will no doubt be full of holiday excitement and energy. They may neglect washing their hands after eating food or may spill crumbs on your floors and furniture. To bugs, these are just like an invitation to a holiday party. Sweep and mop frequently and wipe down counters to avoid this nuisance.
  • Guests might bring pests – Unfortunately, your guests might bring a few pests with them, such as bed bugs. Make sure to call a pest inspection service the moment your guests leave so you’ll start the new year off right.

Don’t let pests take over your home after the holidays. Call Corder Pest Control today. You can rely on us for thorough pest control services in the Columbia, Irmo, and Lexington, SC area.

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