Why Is Professional Mosquito Control So Important?

For those of us living in the South, mosquitoes just come along with the hot, humid weather of the summer. You know that just clearing out all the stagnant water around your home won’t take out all of those troublesome pests– but what is the best way to control them? The experts at Corder Pest Control believe that professional mosquito control is needed in order to wipe out the threat of mosquitoes. Here are three reasons why you should seek out professional pest control services for mosquitoes in Lexington and Columbia, SC:

  • New research – A research team from the University of Florida found that some mosquito species lay their eggs in other locations besides those with standing water. Professional mosquito control technicians know where to look for infestations and where to perform treatments.
  • Mosquito population maneuvering – Some species of mosquitoes, such as the species that carries the Zika virus, do not hatch from their eggs in the typical incubation period. Instead, they stay in the eggs for months! This means if you wipe out one group of mosquitoes, there might be more lying in wait.
  • Attentiveness is key – Professional pest control services are trained to know what to watch out for and what actions to take next when it comes to terminating mosquitoes. They will probably catch a detail that you might miss. You’ll save time, money, and aggravation – and maybe even your health.

Are you dealing with mosquitoes at your home? Are they causing problems for your family? Call Corder Pest Control for fast service in the Columbia and Lexington, SC area. Let us help you today!

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